Lokrit is a family-owned business with a long-established history as the top fresh food, flower, and plant supplier in the UAE – leaders in supply chain management and cold chain systems.
For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to providing an extraordinary experience.

The start of our journey

Lokrit first took shape in 1986, when founder Mr. Manohar and Mrs. Juhi Gidwani – both flower enthusiasts – could not find any flowers from India in Dubai to gift their relatives and friends. 

Adamant on gifting quality flowers, they decided to import fresh cut flowers from India.

This simple idea soon caught the attention of a wider circle of people asking for different exotic floral supplies. It wasn’t long until Mr. Gidwani left his accounting job to focus full-time on distributing fresh cut flowers from India, setting the foundations to what is now a large-scale fresh flower importing company.

Mr. Gidwani passed on his passion for delivering fresh flowers to his children, bringing Lokrit into its second generation that shares the pleasure of preserving nature’s freshness.

Over the years, we have perfected our cool chain management system and developed a secret blend of preservatives that keeps flowers looking fresh for longer. 

Through our efforts, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors for delivering – time and time again – perfectly preserved fresh cut flowers that last longer.

The consistency of our service is what makes Lokrit the most trusted fresh flower supplier in the UAE. Using cutting edge technologies, we are a leading presence in the UAE for our innovative cool chain management system that – today – goes beyond flowers. We offer an unbroken cold chain to streamline the production, handling, and distribution of perishable goods and temperature-sensitive food, like fruit and vegetables.

Global expansion

With the mission of bringing our acclaimed fresh flowers to a wider market, we import flowers from more than 15 countries. Today, we have our own orchid farm in Thailand, as well as exclusive sourcing agents in Malaysia, India, Kenya, Holland, and South Africa.

In 2012, we opened our iconic fresh lily farm, setting the benchmark for agricultural and technological advancements in growing delicate flowers in the harsh weather conditions of the UAE. 

Today, we grow chrysanthemum, lilies, sunflowers, marigolds, and many other summer flowers. 

Additionally, we grow leafy greens, such as rocket, arugula, lettuce, kale, and fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, multiple varieties of peppers, and many more.

Parallel to this, we also offer landscaping design and ideas for unique outdoor spaces. Our tailor-made landscaping solutions span from residential to commercial projects that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Thanks to our effective management system, botanical knowledge, and engineering expertise, we excel at delivering the finest landscaping services. Our attention to detail enables us to bring our clients’ visions to the apex of their creative expression.

Another important expansion in our company is our fresh food storage and transportation service. 

Leveraging our advanced cool chain management system, we preserve the food’s freshness for an elevated culinary experience that minimizes post-harvest waste. 

Through our carefully vetted network, we connect sustainable farms to supermarkets, high-end restaurants, and any other retailer in the hospitality sector.

Pioneering chain management system

On-site temperature monitoring team. We oversee the entire process, from harvest to handling, transport, and final delivery. 

Throughout the journey, we ensure that the products are stored and processed at the optimal temperature.

For air cargo, our temperature control containers do not rely on the airlines’ temperatures.

Effective offloading and transport. Anywhere in the world. 

Our system ensures:

  • Extended shelf-life for fresh flowers, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Protection of the natural qualities of fresh-cut flowers and the integrity of the cool chain.
  • Customers’ trust and satisfaction.
  • Minimum carbon footprint.
  • High-quality flowers sourced from sustainable farms. With our cool chain management system as the foundation of our success, we aim to continue honoring our customers’ expectations by enhancing their lives with quality products

Lokrit today

Lokrit has always been dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, and each day, we look for new ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.

To maximize our efforts, we promote our company’s value of kindness and care in our customer and supplier relations.

 Our commitment to integrity and the environment is reflected in our innovative landscaping designs and throughout our fresh food, flower, and plant cool chain management system.

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